Employers Add 173,000 Jobs as Unemployment Dips

employment2The U.S. labor market continued to grow in August, albeit at a below-average clip that wasn’t entirely unexpected.

The domestic economy generated 173,000 jobs last month, down from July’s 245,000 revised additions and well shy of the 247,000-position average the labor market maintained over the last 12 months, according to a report released Friday by the Labor Department. Analysts were expecting between 200,000 and 220,000 new jobs.

The health care and social assistance industries surged in August, adding 56,000 new positions. Over the course of the last year, the industries have generated 564,000 new jobs. Professional and business services tacked on 33,000 new jobs, while food services’ and drinking places’ payrolls expanded by 26,000 positions.

“Today’s employment report serves as a good reminder that the U.S. economy is not the stock market,” Brian Hamilton, co-founder and chairman at Sageworks financial information company, said in a statement Friday. “Unemployment is at the lowest rate since April of 2008, and the most recent [gross domestic product] report shows a very healthy rate of growth so far this year.”

Unemployment ticking down to 5.1 percent is good news, but thereason

Employees Tend Not to Use Generous Benefits

employment1American workers are afraid to take a break – even in places where they receive generous family leave or vacation days.

These benefits, while intended to recruit top talent, aren’t helpful to workers in office cultures where they are made to feel that taking a vacation or prioritizing family is frowned upon.

“If what’s available conflicts with the culture of the organization, people are going to feel uncomfortable using it,” says David Ballard, assistant executive director for organizational excellence at the American Psychological Association.

In certain environments, the work-only culture is especially pronounced. A recent report in the New York Times revealed that some workers at Amazon felt they could not take time off work or even attend to a sick family member for fear that it might cost them professionally.

Amazon is hardly the exception, and some workers have stepped forward to dispute the story, but the account does bring to the surface the role that stress can play in worker behavior and satisfaction. Employees face conflicting forces: They understand that taking advantage of benefits will improve their well-being, but they also know that when they

A Quick Look at the Job Market Before Labor Day

employmentAs the holiday weekend arrives, so has a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that the unemployment has dropped to its lowest point in seven years. Before you hit the road or escape to the beach, take a look at some key findings from the report, along with a few of the most important labor market statistics. See which workers are receiving benefits, the extent to which workforce inequality endures and how labor unions are losing steam. Unemployment is Down…But Take a Closer Look

The unemployment rate dropped to 5.1 percent in August, down from 6.1 percent last year, marking a seven-year low, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday. While a drop in unemployment is a good economic sign, there are also underlying reasons for the change that aren’t as favorable.

The number of unemployed people dropped, but many of these Americans were those who were actively searching for work but  have now dropped out of the job-hunting process, U.S. News reported. When someone stops actively searching , they are no longer counted as unemployed. In other words, there

Employment news- Still a Catch, Rapid Progress and Boom

Employment continues to become a major problem in the Indian context. One of the most searched online topics is Employment news. Basically, there are two major areas from which we collect the information-One being the newspapers, another being the Employment News sections in the web portals. In-spite of the rapid progress and boom in the employment in the private sector, the Government jobs are still a catch.

The ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India publishes a weekly newspaper known as Employment News, in Hindi, English and Urdu. The goal of this weekly paper is to keep the underemployed and unemployed youth of India well furnished about the new openings in the Public sector so that they can avail their choices and see to the best alternative that are available in the market. The paper was started in 1976 and is based at RKpuram in Delhi. The news contains information about availabilities from Central Government, State Government, Public Sector Undertakings, examination and result notices, autonomous bodies and also news from SSC, UPSC and other such general recruitment bodies. There are columns regarding career opportunities and also there are specific columns dedicated to career guidance, so that we can talk and

Career Aptitude Test

Career Aptitude testing is the right approach towards one’s career selection. There are standardized Aptitude test battery available which can be used to assess an aptitude of a student for right guidance and appropriate direction.

Aptitude tests evaluate one’s ability to perform specific tasks.

An aptitude is the inborn capability and passion an individual might reflect for a particular field. Knowing one’s aptitude may be the key to understand what one’s perfect career is.

Once a child discovers his perfect fit, he/she will be able to work towards developing those skills necessary to become successful in the same.

Each student from class IX onwards should start preparing their career road map. This involves introspection, strength and weakness analysis, knowledge about different careers, their future prospects, getting more focused towards developing the required skills necessary for success, finding out about entrance exams, preparing for the same filling admission forms and applying to different colleges.

For identifying the right career option, interest test along with Aptitude test helps to have an added advantage to know one’s interest areas. Interest is the liking for a particular field and aptitude is the capability in that field. A student might have an interest for the game of cricket but might

Things to Consider When Ordering Awarding Plaques

A plaque can be defined as one of the most important things when you want to make an awarding occasion. It can be a great symbol to show your deep appreciation toward something that you will be awarded. So, it is actually so much important for you to get the best plaques from the most trustworthy plaque maker in order to complement your awarding occasion in the best way occasion. But, before you order the best plaque, it will be so much better for you to consider about these several things below.

Here are several things about the plaque for awarding that you better consider before you order it, such as: You have to consider about many various designs of the plaque, which can be ranging from the acrylic plaque to the marbleized plaque. In this case, all you need to do is to make sure that you choose one of them that can suit your requirements as well as possible. Moreover,there is the other thing that you have to really consider is the best material of the plaque. There are actually so many various options that you can select, such as wood, marble, acrylic, brass,

Print Journalism A Game of Words

Have a look on some of the headlines from leading newspaper:

“Old friend lashes out at Richard Williams”

“J&K downs 40 times champions Mumbai” and many more

Some times while reading news or any article via newspaper or online media, you got stuck at some of the news by just watching its headlines. If you a send a group of news reporters to cover the same story, you will find that they will write differently with same facts. It is the creativity of a journalist to report the news in an arresting and engaging style. Creativity does not mean using difficult language or flowery words in your writing; it means reporting in such a manner that it will understand by all kind of audiences and also do not hurt the sentiments of others.

Keep the following points in mind while writing any story, hard news or any other article:

  1. Punchy headline – You use the headline to summarise the story, but essentially it has to be punchy and excite interest; otherwise your release will get overlooked or trashed.
  2. Keep it Short & Simple – You need to write in an engaging way but still include all the important facts. Don’t include too many flowery words. For

6 Examples of Responsible Attitude to Labor Practices

But, certainly, corporate responsibility should not and cannot be limited to this.

Below are 6 examples of responsible attitude to labor practices from the experience of ICL Services, a Russian IT outsourcing company.

1. Compliance and communication with top officials of the company

Employees need to be sure that their opinion is taken into account and affects the situation in the company. They also need a sense of security. The following system is created in ICL Services in response to these expectations:

  • Key business processes are regulated in details by shared process documents. They allow employees to confidently make decisions in difficult situations.
  • There is also a reference point for complex ad hoc situations – the Code of Ethics. Over 50% of employees were working on it (in a format of personal discussions and general surveys). The company’s management and КРКРК HR Service actually were the organizers and moderators of a 6-month discussion, they submitted periodic reports on its results to employees and made appropriate adjustments. The Code really became the bearer of the corporate spirit.
  • Finally, any employee has the tools to ensure company-wide compliance. This is a “red button” – a means of instant online notification of responsible employees (compliance manager, senior managers) on